Dr. Francesc Valldeoriola Serra

Medical advisor of the Movement Disorders Unit in the
Service of Neurology
at barnaclínic+ and Hospital Clínic
de Barcelona.
Investigation Coordinator at the Institut Clínic de Neurociències.

  • Neurología

اختر الخدمة:

He has organized scientific activities and has also taught
many national and international courses.

International leader in deep brain stimulation and the medical-surgical treatment of Parkinson's disease, tremors and dystonia.

Coordinator of the Functional Surgery of Movement
at the Hospital Clínic, with 20 years of experience in this kind of surgeries. This program was the country's first and since its inception more than 300 patientssuffering from Parkinson's, tremors and dystonia have been operated.

Author of more than 200 publications, 25 book chapters,
225 presentations in conferences.