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Hospital Clinic, the only hospital to perform robotic cardiovascular surgery in Spain

-   Hospital Clínic de Barcelona is the only center in Spain that has begun to perform robotic cardiovascular surgeries with the Da Vinci robot. Doctors Daniel Pereda and Elena Sandoval, from the Clínic Cardiovascular Institute, have so far performed 14 interventions with this technique, all of them successful. Most of these interventions were mitral valve repair […]  

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A new proposal of COVID-19 diagnosis and its possible effects

-   In the de-escalation phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in which we find ourselves, it is, and will be, fundamental to correctly diagnose the illness. Furthermore, it is going to be vitally important to identify those persons who have recovered from the illness and its possible post-recovery consequences. Therefore, in barnaclinc+ we have designed various diagnostic […]  

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barnaclínic+ is back to business. Frequently Asked Questions

-   All barnaclínic+ services have reopened between May 11 and 20, and will gradually resume their normal activities. To guarantee the safety of both our patients and professionals, hygiene and disinfection measures have been taken, spaces have been adapted and protocols and paths have been redefined. If you have any questions about our opening hours and contacts, active […]  

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Updated web profiles

Jenaro Fernández-Valencia Laborde

Trauma and Orthopedic surgery

Alfonso López Soto

Internal medicine

Manuel Bernal Sprekelsen

ENT (ear, nose and throat)

Angel Caballero del Pozo





Our professionals on youtube

Dr. Jacobo Sellarés

- RESPIRATORY SEQUELAE OF COVID-19 and diagnosis of post-COVID-19 complications

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Dr. Andrés Cárdenas

- What are CIRRHOSIS and LIVER FAILURE and when to consider a LIVER TRANSPLANT?

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Dr. Manel Sabaté

- What is a TAVI? The least invasive option for AORTIC VALVE OBSTRUCTION

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Bárbara Romano

- HEALTHY DIET AND LIFESTYLE: Prevention and treatment of illnesses

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Loss of smell and COVID-19: What we know, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

-   As most people know by now, SARS-CoV-2 is a type of coronavirus that affects people and that is responsible for COVID-19. This disease is characterized by a series of breathing problems, mostly with mild symptoms (80% of cases). Sometimes these respiratory disease symptoms are accompanied by other conditions. Specifically, recent studies suggest that up to 88% of patients with COVID-19 present a loss of smell […]  

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Robotic cardiac surgery: what is it and what are its benefits?

-   A few days ago, the Hospital Clinic Group de Barcelona became the first place in Spain to perform robotic cardiac surgeries. This type of minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery is assisted by the Da Vinci robot system, which allows interventions to be performed in a much less invasive form. This should entail better aesthetic result for the patient, less complications and a better and faster […]  

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