Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico (Biomedical Diagnostic Center)

The organization, structure and operation of the Hospital Clínic laboratories, part of the Centro de Diagnóstico Biomédico (CDB - Biomedical Diagnostic Center) (Pathological Anatomy, Hemotherapy and Hemostasis, Clinical Chemistry, Hormones, Genetics and Toxicology), has changed significantly in recent years.

The organizational and management model of the CDB has two collegial bodies: the Management Commission, chaired by the CDB manager, which is the body with final responsibility for the Center's management, and the Clinical Commission, chaired by the CDB Clinical Director, which includes the Service Managers and acts as consultative body of the Management Commission.

The new organizational model is based on criteria that help promote, on the one hand, maximum optimization of human and technological resources and, on the other hand, allocation of resources to special tests and developing, or uncommon, technologies that most laboratories do not have. On the whole, this structure ensures that results of the highest analytical and scientific quality (results are always clinically validated by specialist professionals) are obtained in an efficient manner with an ideal response time.

Centro de Diagnóstico por la Imagen Clínic (Imaging Center)

The Centro de Diagnóstico por la Imagen Clínic (CDIC) is responsible for performing Radiology and Nuclear Medicine studies in patients from the CSC and in patients from other public or private clinics. The studies performed are not exclusively morphological but also include functional studies of both diagnostic and therapeutic aspects.

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