The Perinatal Psychiatry Program of Hospital Clínic is a service specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders associated with maternity.


Perinatal Psychiatry is a new area of knowledge developed over the last decade. Its main objective is the care, treatment and investigation of psychiatric disorders during pregnancy, lactation and the post-partum period.

Until recently, maternity was considered a period of mental well-being for women. However, recent investigations show that pregnancy is not protective against mental health. 20% of pregnant women have some kind of mental problem with the most common being related to anxiety and depressive disorders.

Discontinuation of psychotropic medications before conception and/or during pregnancy leads to perinatal relapse in 70% of pregnant women with depressive disorders and 74% of women with bipolar disorder. 10% of women will have a depressive episode during the post-partum period.

Women with prior or chronic psychiatric disorders or with mental disorders that develop during pregnancy must receive suitable, effective treatment during each stage of their pregnancy, labor and lactation aimed at achieving mental stability for the mother and mother-child interaction during the first few months.