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  1. 17 November, 2015

    Dr. Eduardo García Cruz receives the award for “Best Ideas” from the journal “Diario Médico”

    Yesterday, at the National Theatre of Catalonia the awards for The best ideas 2015” took place.  The event was organized by the Diario Médico (Medical Journal) publication which specialises in health and medicine. In this fourteenth edition of the awards, one of our doctors has been featured and presented with an award.

    Dr. Eduardo Garcia Cruz, responsible for the Men’s Health Unit, barnaclínic+, received the award for The Best Idea 2015 in the category of Research and pharmacology for the SmartGlass Experience project. Together with Dr. García Cruz, Joanna Parlinska, Design Thinking Manager, and Arthur Bretonnet, Project Manager, both from Soft For You (SFY) , the project’s developer went to collect the prize. Leer más…