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8 February, 2016

Dr. Sergi Sastre repairs a cartilage lesion with BST-CarGel, a new treatment

On Friday 22 January, Dr. Sergi Sastre , a specialist surgeon in Sports Traumatology  of the  Hospital Clínic de Barcelona  and  Barnaclínic+,  repaired a cartilage lesion by arthroscopy with BST-CarGel® . This is a new treatment which has had its excellent results published in an  international study that involved the Hospital Clínic’s Knee Unit.  Worldwide, this is the first intervention since the acquisition of BST-CarGel®  by the multinational  Smith & Nephew® .

In this intervention, Dr. Sastre successfully operated on the damaged cartilage of the trochlea  (part of the knee) of a young man by arthroscopy. The patient, an amateur sportsman, could not play sports six months ago because of the injury. According to the doctor, a full recovery is expected to between 3 and 5 months, when he will be able practise his sport as usual. During the recovery process, cycling and gym exercises will be progressively incorporated.

The young man’s injury, located in  the articular cartilage of the knee , lacks the capacity to repair itself due to a lack of vascularization and the complex structure of this type. The use of BST-CarGel®  facilitates healing and regeneration of the cartilage. In this innovative treatment applied by Dr. Sergi Sastre, the compound is mixed with the patient’s own blood, helping the clotting and acting as a matrix carrying the reparative cells from inside the bone to the injured area, aiding the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue.

According to Dr. Sergi Sastre: “the treatment with BST-CarGel® is one of the first choices for cartilage injuries, because it is the only one with demonstrated scientific evidence (in random prospective studies) to be superior compared to previous treatments.”

sastre-sergi“The treatment of cartilage injuries with BST-CarGel® is the only one which has demonstrated scientific evidence to be superior to previous treatments”

Dr. Sergi Sastre

So far, in the world 1,000 cartilage repair interventions have been done with BST-CarGel® and as Dr. Sastre commented, it has shown better results in terms of cartilage repair than in general surgical standard.

With this intervention Dr. Sergi Sastre is confirmed as a specialist regarding an area of ​​the International Documentary sports traumatology innovative and development, which seems to have a bright future before it.


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