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16 May, 2016

Second Opinion Online in Cardiology, at the bmo+

A few days ago we announced the launch of the bmo+ service Autoimmune Diseases, with the support of Dr. Ricard CerveraOn this occasion, the Platform for a second opinion online Barnaclínic+, presents medical advice in cardiology, offered, in this case, by Dr. Marta Sitges.

This platform, launched a few months ago to transmit the knowledge and experience of the professionals of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and barnaclínic+, up until now had the support and services of Maternal-fetal medicine, Dr. Eduard Gratacòs, and the above mentioned Autoimmune Diseases service.

From this week on, Dr. Marta Sitges has joined bmo+, putting her knowledge at the disposal of patients who, from the comfort of their home, in little time and in just three clicks, can get a second opinion from an internationally renowned Doctor in cardiology and non-invasive cardiological diagnosis.

marta-sitgesMarta Sitges is a cardiologist, Head of the Institut Clínic Cardiovascular, Head of the  Noninvasive Cardiological Diagnostic section and in charge of  Sports Cardiology at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and barnaclínic+

To obtain medical advice from these Services, all you need to do is perform three simple steps (Registration, Payment and receive the Report). In this simple way, a user from anywhere in the world can get in contact with the Head of the Institut Clínic Cardiovascular and her service, an internationally renowned team in the diagnosis of cardiac and cardiovascular diseases.

If you want a first class second opinion, offered by internationally renowned professionals, which is confidential and secure, visit bmo+. We would be delighted to analyse your case and offer you some advice.

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