Sandra Vázquez Gallego

LANGUAGES: Spanish | Catalan | English


· Médico Especialista en Medicina Física y Rehabilitación en Hospital Clínic de Barcelona y de barnaclínic+.

اختر الخدمة:



· Peripheral facial paralysis

· Temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction

· Rehabilitation in oncological pathology: sequelae of head and neck cancer

· Sequelae of breast cancer or gynecological cancers

· Osteomuscular injuries and amputees

Areas of interest

· Pathologies secondary to Head and Neck Cancer

· Facial neuromuscular reeducation and infiltration of botulinum toxin in peripheral facial paralysis

· Pathology of the temporomandibular joint

· Facial lymphedema

· Musculoskeletal injuries

· Pathology derived from oncological surgery for breast cancer with lymphedema

· Shoulder pathology

· Axillary web Syndrome and neuropathies secondary to treatment

· Lower limb lymphedema secondary to prostate and gynecological cancers

· Prosthetics in amputated patients

· Eco-guided interventionism for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries

· Treatment with botulinum toxin for facial paralysis and myofascial syndrome


· Publications (national and international): 2

· Scientific meetings (national and international): More than 30